Bovada Poker Software and Download Review

Bovada Poker Software and Download Review

Anonymous Tables

When you take your seat at Bovada, you’ll be identified solely by a player number, e.g., “Player 1,” “Player 2,” “Player 3,” et cetera. Your opponents will all have player numbers too, and they’re based on the seat they occupy in cash games and the order in which they registered in SNGs and tournaments.

This way of doing things means that nobody can track any other individual’s play over the long term. Sophisticated hand trackers, which pros use to heighten their edge, won’t work here. All information collected about a specific player’s strategy becomes useless at the end of the session.

Some people feel that this blunts one of the important components of poker – that is, getting reads on the other participants. However, this levels the playing field for those who don’t want to invest significant resources in dedicated third-party software applications. The aim is to cater to regular players, not serious professionals.

Bovada’s anonymized tables seem to be working as intended. Casual poker fans flock to the site, secure in the knowledge that they aren’t being preyed upon. The tables are notoriously soft, which benefits both newcomers and poker veterans alike.

Author: Jamie Fox