Three Benefits of Playing Online Poker on a Mac OS Computer ★ iMac Poker

Three Benefits of Playing Online Poker on a Mac OS Computer ★ iMac Poker

Thursday, January 23rd, 2020 at 9:50 am

Over the past five years, the total global market share of Mac OS  has increased from 8,6% to
13,17%, which means that the number of people who buy Apple computers is slowly
growing, probably given by the friendly environment created when you have an
iPhone or an Apple Watch.

One of the biggest drawbacks for Mac OS users has been
the relationship with the gambling industry; many game developers didn’t offer
a native Mac client; fortunately, over time, this situation has been solved with
new tools like Steam or with a renewed interest of companies to attend this

Many poker rooms have fallen into this trend, and
nowadays, it is easy to find poker
rooms with native Mac OS clients to play. This is excellent
news for players who can start playing without the need to install emulators and enjoying the perks of the
Apple operating system.

Play only at the largest online poker rooms

Rest assured that any poker rooms offering a Mac OS
native client is one of the largest online poker rooms on the market.
Developing an additional poker app (or buying it) requires a financial effort
that only large companies are willing to make.

Most likely, this is accompanied by many poker
promotions like welcome bonuses, large MTT series, VIP programs, etc.

When you play on the biggest online sites, you also have
the guarantee that your funds are safe and that you won’t be scammed; certainly,
a Mac OS poker room holds a secure gambling license that makes everything more
reliable for players.

Companies with a strong tech team

Compatible Operating Systems

Keeping an additional client up to date (because generally,
all poker rooms have Windows software) requires a strong in-house tech team or
a dedicated third party. New threats must be fixed every day, and software
coding evolves to bring more features to players and speed up processes.

When a poker company decides to increase its portfolio
by offering a Mac OS client, it’s devoting additional resources in training and
people to work properly with the new customers. Of course, it is different to
solve a technical issue for Windows than for Mac OS.

Play virtually virus-free

Perhaps the most promoted advantage of Mac OS vs.
Windows is that: there are virtually no viruses attacking Mac OS computers.
Besides being an intrinsically safe operating system, developers of harmful
software such as viruses or trojans focus their efforts on the world’s most
popular platform: Windows. 

Thanks to this, Mac OS players don’t need to worry too
much (of course, safety precautions should always be taken, especially when we
talk about money online) about viruses and other harmful software, so stay away
from untrusted sites, and most likely you won’t face any problems.


It is no longer necessary to use a Windows emulator to
join a poker game online; playing directly on a Mac OS computer is now 100%
possible thanks to the development of the gambling industry that recognized
Apple fans as potential customers. 

As we mentioned, the best online poker rooms on the
market already have a Mac
OS native client.

And those that are not, most probably, are developing a client right now
because nobody wants to miss a valuable piece of cake.

Author: Jamie Fox